Yupik vegetables are cultivated , refined and stored using the latest production technology , which preserves natural quality of vegetables.

Production of frozen vegetables consists of series of controlled steps with a goal to competely preserve freshness, quality and all nutritional values of vegetables that they contain. Yupik frozen vegetables are produced by selecting the finest kinds of seed, a thorough analysis is performed and the best fields are chosen for each crop. Vegetables that are frozen are reaped at the optimal moment at the peak of their nutritional value .

In the next stage debris and parts of products not intended for human consumption are removed, then the vegetables are chopped and blanched .
Blanching is the process in which fresh vegetables are shortly( 1-10 minutes) dipped in water , which is heated at a temperature of 75- 95 C . Blanching deactivates enzymes from vegetables and destroyes bacteria .
After blanching vegetables are promptly immersed in cold water , followed by a phase of promot freezing at – 30 C .Using this method of deep freezing, product quality remains fully preserved.
Packaging, storing and distribution of products to consumers while respecting the standards of cold supply chain follow.

Vegetables frozen using this method are available all year-round and can be easily transported to supermarkets and shops, as well as to customers without fear that they will lose some of their nutritional values. Thermal processing of rapid and deep frozen food is shorter than for fresh food.